Your Partnership with Waycross

Investment advisors you can trust.

We embrace our role as a fiduciary, where our legal and ethical commitment is to act in your best interest. You can be confident that every decision we make on your behalf will be made to help your portfolio grow in alignment with your goals and values.

This trust is a powerful thing. It underlies our discretionary authority to manage your portfolio on your behalf, guided by the investment guidelines we develop together. However, it is important to note that we do not actually hold your money (we are not custodians). We make investment decisions on your behalf, but do not have direct access to your money and are limited in what we can do. Your money is shielded from unethical behavior. In short, we do everything we can to earn your trust, but our relationship goes beyond asking you to trust us.


  • As a fiduciary, our interests align with yours: every decision we make on your behalf is designed to help you

  • Our process is informed by a solid understanding of your unique circumstances, values, and goals

  • Many clients appreciate our completing the paperwork and other details, knowing they can participate as much or as little as they want

  • We also collaborate with accountants, estate planning attorneys, and other professionals as needed to help our clients

Your Path Ahead

Creating clarity about retirement and
investment planning.

We understand that your financial circumstances are uniquely your own, and we believe you are best served by a planning team that crafts strategies tailored to fit your specific needs and goals. As a fiduciary, we are committed to act in your best interest.

It all starts with a conversation. Part of our process is to take the time to learn about you—where you are now and where you want to go.

By getting to know you, Waycross can respond to known and unforeseen changes in your life. We emphasize optimal asset allocation, effective management of cash reserves, thinking through tax liabilities, and more. Through this stewardship, your money remains responsive to your needs.


  • We design and manage diversified portfolios

  • We develop and manage customized investment plans for individuals, families, for profit, and not-for-profit organizations

  • We manage IRAs, retirements plans, and taxable accounts in addition to endowment, reserve and educational funds

  • We do not sell any products so we can remain objective, providing unbiased advice

Your Team of Experts

Fundamentally different, fundamentally better.

With more than sixty years’ experience, the partners at Waycross Investment Management have a deep understanding of investment marketplace and the forces that shape it.

Partners Michael Ryan, Hart Hodges, and David Schneider have emerged from widely different academic and professional backgrounds. Separately, each is an expert in their own right Together, they create the unique chemistry that makes Waycross the authoritative source for hundreds of people and businesses for years.

The secret is a high level of mutual respect and trust, a desire to challenge each other to improve and adapt, and abiding commitment to their clients.

And great minds don’t always think alike. The partners understand that they can see challenges from different points of view. In a traditional firm, disagreements may become the fodder for arguments and boundaries, but at Waycross the differences sustain an ongoing discussion that produces a fundamentally different, fundamentally better approach to analytical analysis.

It’s a partnership that works. As a client, you have access to three unique talents and perspectives that are focused on guiding you to a prosperous future. Give us a call and see how this partnership can work for you.


  • Ongoing collaboration means each partner is familiar with your unique circumstances and goals. Each are invested in you as a team.

  • No one at Waycross comes from a background of selling financial products. A rigorous analytical approach—not sales—informs every decision.

  • Diverse background, including education and varied life experience are part of our story. We are our own company, unencumbered by the processes, assumptions, and processes that characterize larger firms.

Get Started

It all begins with a conversation. Contact us to arrange a meeting and find out what happens when sixty years of experience focuses on guiding you to a prosperous financial future.