Welcome to the first post for our new Waycross blog! As Investment Advisors we spend a lot of time thinking about financial markets, economics, and portfolio management. We are excited to share with you our ideas, analysis, and even just links to articles we think are interesting and/or provocative. A recurring theme will be exploring where common perception may deviate from underlying reality. We believe that one of the most important skills of a good investment advisor is to be able to cut through false narratives, including distinguishing actual trends from random white noise.

So, who are we? We are Hart Hodges and David Schneider, owners of Waycross Investment Management Company, registered investment advisors. We both have backgrounds in economics, which helps us ask tough questions, while providing tools to help come up with reasonable answers. We have worked in the financial industry long enough to understand that what financial markets are doing is not necessarily clearly connected to current or forecast economic conditions. Also, having both worked in areas of resource and health economics, we have a deeper understanding of where markets can fail, or lead to sub-optimal outcomes. We believe this perspective deepens our analysis, allowing us to form a more complete picture of how and why certain events occur, and what conditions might indicate that similar events could occur again.

Our goal for this blog is not to make stock recommendations or advise you on creating a perfect portfolio; rather it is designed to reality check ideas. We hope you enjoy our perspectives, our analytical process, and that you find our content intriguing and informative.