A Disciplined Approach

Personal attention, personal commitment.

Waycross has a close connection with our clients and their investments. The portfolios we build are customized and not dependent on predefined models or packages prepared by other people or companies.

Our in-house proprietary model, QED – a powerful analytical engine that has evolved over several decades of use -is an important part of our decision-making process. With QED we can quickly review metrics of thousands of stocks, helping us to identify potentially over or under valued stocks given historical pricing and earnings. This provides additional and unique insights into the marketplace, helping us make informed decisions at a faster rate.

Additionally, we monitor our portfolios on a daily basis for transactions and movements of cash. If we notice any transfers of cash or securities into or out of an account that we did not initiate, we will contact you immediately. That is, we constantly monitor your account as part of our cybersecurity protocol.


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